G. Loomis NRX Bass Spinning Rods
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G Loomis NRX Spinning Rods

NRX is the culmination of what we have been doing at G.Loomis since day one. We have been continually striving to build the best rod on the planet. Laminates, resin, mandrels, components and the know how you expect from us. These NRX rods look like nothing we have built before. They feel better than anything we have built before. We aren't talking about a little better here or a little lighter there...

Here's a rod that will allow you to fish small baits with light line and still be able to control a big fish, even in fairly heavy cover. It's made for fishing clear, open water, but when fishing pressure makes the bite really tough, you'll have the answer. It's so incredibly light that you won't believe it, and talk about sensitive! Thanks to NRX, it's the lightest, strongest most sensitive, high-performance magnum-tapered spinning rod we've ever made. Catching those finicky, pressured fish won't seem like such a challenge any more. NRX has you covered!

What we are saying so there is no confusion... " This is the Best Bass Rod Ever Built!" Period!!

G Loomis NRX Bass Spinning
Model Rod Length Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action
NRX 802S JWR 6'8" 1 6-10 1/8-1/4 Medium Ex-Fast
NRX 803S JWR 6'8" 1 8-14 1/8-5/16 Med-Heavy Ex-Fast
NRX 852S JWR 7'1" 1 6-12 1/8-3/8 Medium Ex-Fast
NRX 822S DSR 6'10" 1 6-12 3/16-1/2 Mag-Medium Ex-Fast
NRX 822S SYR 6'10" 1 6-12 1/8-5/16 Mag-Medium Ex-Fast
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