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Power Bait Fishing Rig

The power bait fishing method can work well for many different species of fish, however, this tailored set-up is purposefully designed to catch trout using Berkley PowerBait dough or other similar style bait. This Power Bait fishing set up is a proven method that has withstood the test of time. If you are an experienced fisherman chances are you have used this rigging for many different types of game fish.  You also know, if done properly, it will land you some of your most outstanding fish.  To build the power bait rig, just follow the instructions on the illustrated picture using the recommended terminal tackle, line and accessories mentioned here.   The key to this trout rig is disguising the bait during presentation with a smaller hook and line coming off the main fishing line.  The lighter leader and hook allows the bait to float with ease and makes the rig more difficult for the trout to see.  This helps you get more looks and bites. 

Terminal Tackle and Fishing Accessories needed for Power Bait Rig:

  1. Main Fishing Line
    • Strength: 4 lb. - 8 lb. Test Line
  2. Egg Sinker
    • Size: 1/8 oz. - 1/2 oz.
  3. Red Glass Bead
    • Bead Size: 8 mm
    • Faceted is best
  4. Barrel Swivel
    • Swivel Size: No. 10
  5. Fishing Line Leader
    • Length: 9"-24"
    • Strength: 2-6 lb. Test
  6. Hook: Mosquito Hook
    • Size: No 10 - No. 6
    • This will be inside of power bait shape.  
    • See Power Bait Rigging diagram for better illustration.

Power Bait Shapes:

  1. Round or Ball power bait 
  2. Teardrop
  3. Double Tapered

"Good Fishing!!" - Hippo Lau

We are making our exclusive Hippo Lau's School of Fish rigging diagrams available for download by clicking on this power bait rig link. You also have the ability to view, print and save using the object below.

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