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Split Shotting the Plastic Worm

The plastic or "rubber" worm is a proven bait for many species of fish including  all types of black bass.  Due to easy set-up and popularity, it has probably caught more bass than any other split shot rig.  Many Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted bass have been pulled out of the waters using various size and colors of rubber worms with a split shot.   If rigged properly, the rubber worm floats above the split shot looking so delicious that the bass will strike ferociously, giving you that monstrous adrenaline hit that keeps you coming back to your favorite honey hole.  If rigged wrong, you might think the fish do not exist until a starving perch finds its way on your hook.  We have all been there!

Split Shotting the Plastic Worm:

  1. Insert hook through the worm approximately 1/2 inch from the nose.
  2. Pull the hook through until the eye of the hook is covered. 
    • Rotate hook 180 degrees.
  3. Insert hook point until it lies just under the "skin" of the opposite side. 
    • Make sure the worm lies straight on the hook.
  4. Pinch on a round split shot from 6 to 18 inches ahead of the worm. 
    • It is now ready to fish.

"Good Fishing!!" - Hippo Lau

We are making our exclusive Hippo Lau's School of Fish rigging diagrams available for download by clicking on this rubber worm rig link. You also have the ability to view, print and save using the object below.

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