The DT's philosophy is to create a lure targeting fish at specific depths. The design characteristics of each lure features the best action, preferred by seasoned pros, to match the mood of fish at those predetermined depths.

When making your first cast with the DT at the point of entry initiate the retrieve with a slow steady wind to dig the DT down to its maximum depth faster. Unlke other crankbaits where you need to burn the retrieve to achieve maximum depth, the DT is designed to steadily dive with a slow retrieve. Once the DT reaches its predetermined depth (DT16 dives to 16 feet, DT 10 dives to 10 feet, etc.) you may vary your speed or use a stop and go method to discover the best action that triggers fish to strike.

Another built-in feature to the DT based on normal fishing situations and the moods of fish at various depths, you will find the DTs that dive to a deeper depth have tighter, yet lively action. As you work the DT 6 and DT4 you will notice these lures become more aggressive in action with a livelier kicking action during the retrieve that drive fish wild in the shallower water.